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Slimme Selfie Stick met Stabilisator & Vullicht.

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Maak kennis met de Smart Selfie Stick met stabilisator en invullicht!

De Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Selfie Stick MNS is je nieuwe reisgenoot voor perfecte foto’s en video’s. Deze innovatieve stick biedt een combinatie van stabiliteit en soepele bewegingen voor je selfies en opnames.

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Introducing the Smart Selfie Stick with Stabilizer & Fill Light!

The Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Selfie Stick MNS is your new travel companion for flawless photos and videos. This innovative stick offers a blend of stability and smooth movements for your selfies and recordings.

With its Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable phone holder, the MNs is compatible with both iPhone and Android, making it a universal companion for all your devices.

The built-in fill light ensures perfect lighting, even in low-light conditions. Effortlessly capture the best selfies no matter where you are.

Make your travel moments unforgettable and capture perfect memories with our Smart Selfie Stick with Stabilizer & Fill Light – your partner in perfection for capturing every moment!

Item description

1-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

The gimbal stabilizer provides 1-axis stability, ensuring smooth footage while walking or moving.

Adjustable Fill Light

The adjustable fill light feature allows you to adjust the brightness of the light according to your preference, providing the perfect lighting for your selfies.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity feature allows you to connect your phone to the gimbal stabilizer, allowing you to control the gimbal remotely and easily.

CR1620 Battery

The gimbal stabilizer comes with a CR1620 battery, which provides long-lasting power and ensures that you won’t run out of battery while using it.

Handheld gimbal stabilizer selfie stick MNS Bluetooth mobile phone holder adjustable fill light selfie stand for iPhone VXiaomi



• Description


Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth distance: 10M

Android system :Android 4.3 above

iOS system: iOS 5.1 above

Materials: ABS + Aluminium Alloy

Phone size: 43-91mm

Gimbal Stabilizer:

RX Battery : 400mha

Working Voltage: 3.7V

Working Current: 400mA

Consumed Power: 1.4W

Maximum controlled turning speed: 100 degree/second

Working Time 2-3h

Charging Voltage DC5V

Charging Current 400mA

Charging Micro-USB Interface

Rotation Angle 90 degreetime

Standby Current less than 100UA

Fill Light:

RX Battery : 600mha

Charging Current: DC5VV450mA

Working Current: 0.16A

Consumed Power: 0.5W

Playing Time: 2-3h

White lamp brightness: 6500K

Yellow lamp brightness: 3000K

Mixed lamp brightness: 4500KLED

lamp power: 0.2WVPCS

The light pattern: 9 LEVEL


  1. It is both a selfie stand and a stabilizer, providing anti shaking during movement;
  2. Stabilizer, intelligent anti shaking, shooting large films, keeping away from shaking;
  3. No need for an app, you can get started using it;
  4. Shoot horizontally and vertically, shoot as you like;
  5. High end stable aluminum alloy pull rod
  6. Equipped with fill light, making VLOG more exciting at night


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Slimme Selfie Stick met Stabilisator & Vullicht.

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: $35.00.Huidige prijs is: $26.99.

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