JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring

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Rfid Ring /Smart Ring

R5 Smart Ring With Build-in 6 RFID Cards 2

Health Stones.

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Rfid Ring /Smart Ring

R5 Smart Ring With Build-in 6 RFID Cards 2

Health Stones

Bullet Points:

1. Versatile Function: You can share files, answer calls, share your contact’s information, and assign functions to commands, the ring security system will send GPS signals to your contacts.

2, Cutting Edge Technology: The R5 smart ring is made with the latest technology, incorporating advanced data processing systems and algorithmic functions that will allow you to replace difficult activities with simple actions.

3, Adaptable to Various Devices: It can be configured to unlock devices and trigger home automation shortcuts including iOS Shortcuts and other home intelligent devices.

4, Exquisite Workmanship: The whole body is made of fine ceramics, durable and scratch-free, please note that measure your finger before placing your order.

5, Card Simulation: Our smart ring will make it easy for you to access and use a wide variety of your information, through the 6 RFID cards that coexist without conflict. Simulate simultaneously 2 IC cards, 2 ID cards and 2 Near Field Communication cards.

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