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Elevate your space with our Magnetic Levitation Potted Aerial Ornaments. Featuring innovative technology and a unique star-like design, these floating flower pots are perfect for adding charm to any room. Lightweight, eco-friendly, and equipped with automatic rotation, they make for stunning gifts or captivating decor pieces. Experience the magic of levitation in your home or office today. (Plants not included)

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Introducing our Magnetic Levitation Potted Aerial Ornaments – the perfect fusion of innovation and elegance for your home or office decor. Elevate your space with our Levitating Air Bonsai Pot Rotation Planters, featuring magnetic suspension technology that creates a mesmerizing floating effect. With their unique star-like appearance, these pots make for stunning gifts for friends and loved ones. Whether adorning your garden, table, bookshelf, or living room, these lightweight and eco-friendly pots add a touch of charm to any setting. Plus, with automatic induction and rotation technology, you can enjoy the novelty of a rotating flowerpot anytime. Experience the magic of levitation with our stylish and captivating aerial ornaments today. (Note: Plants not included)

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Classic Marble, Classic Wood, Modern Black pot & Base, Modern White pot & Dark Wood Base, Modern White pot & Light Wood Base


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