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Multipurpose Power Strip Wall Socket & LED


**Introducing the Ultimate Charging Hub for Your Home!**

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**Introducing the Ultimate Charging Hub for Your Home!**

**Charge Anywhere:** Say goodbye to low battery anxiety! Whether at your desk, nightstand, near your TV, or anywhere in your home, this versatile hub ensures your laptop, smartphone, and tablet are always ready to go.

**Universal Power Hub:** Plugging into 220V-240V outlets, this hub isn’t just for charging! With three additional universal sockets, it becomes a powerhouse for multiple appliances alongside a full-fledged USB charging hub.

**Versatile Charging Options:** Embrace flexibility! Each of the three USB ports serves a different purpose: USB Type-C and USB-A ports cater to Android and Apple devices, while the three universal sockets accommodate various plug types simultaneously, even larger ones!

**Safety First:** Your peace of mind matters! The hub features safety plugs in the socket openings, preventing accidental electrocution by deterring children from inserting metal objects—a thoughtful safety feature for a worry-free environment.

**Never Run Low:** With this charging hub, your devices are always within reach, juiced up, and ready for action. Experience convenience, safety, and versatility—all in one hub for your home!


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