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Smart & Simple Biometric Door Lock


Why do you need a smart lock? Are you tired of forgetting or misplacing your keys? Worried about the security of your home when you’re away? Say hello to the SmarDeer Fingerprint Lock for Tuya Bluetooth Smart Lock. With keyless entry and biometric fingerprint recognition, you’ll never need to worry about keys again.

Our smart lock offers multiple unlocking methods, including fingerprint, mechanical key, and mobile phone via Bluetooth connection with the Tuya app. You can authorize access remotely, track every unlocking event, and enjoy peace of mind wherever you are.

Constructed with durable aluminum alloy, our lock is designed to withstand daily use and keep your home secure. It automatically locks behind you, so there’s no need to double-check. Plus, its ball-type design allows for easy installation without drilling, and it’s compatible with both left and right door opening directions.

Upgrade to the SmarDeer Fingerprint Lock and experience a smarter, safer way to protect your home.



Why do you need a smart lock?

Will you forget to bring the key or lose it? When you are not at home, your friends do not visit, and you are worried about your home being stolen while you are away. All these smart locks will solve you. You can remotely authorize the unlocking password to unlock the lock through the Tuya APP, and record every unlocking record for you. Combined with other Tuya smart products, you will enjoy a smarter and safer life.

Product Parameter

Panel material: Aluminum alloy

Application type:Tuya / Smartlife

Connection method:Bluetooth

Unlocking method: Fingerprint, key,App

Fingerprint capacity: 20

Mechanical key: 2

Lock core level: B

Alarm type: Low battery alarm

Emergency power supply: Type-C

Power supply: Li-On rechargeable

Usage time: 8-12 months

Working temperature: -20 to +50°C

Working humidity: 40% to 85% (No condensation)

Packing size: L57*W25*H85mm

Adapt to door thickness: 35-55mm

SmarDeer Fingerprint lock for Tuya Bluetooth smart lock

Keyless entry Biometric Fingerprint Type-C and mechanical key unlock

Product Features

Support multiple unlocking methods of biometric fingerprint, mechanical key and mobile phone.

Bluetooth link for remote unlocking via Tuya app.

Automatically lock, no need to worry about forgetting to lock the door.

Ball type door lock can directly replace old door lock without drilling.

Compatible with left and right door opening directions

Additional information


Black 60/70mm Latch (AAA Battery)(Not Included), Black 60/70mm Latch (Built in Battery), Silver 60/70mm Latch (AAA Battery)(Not Included), Silver 60/70mm Latch (Built in Battery)


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